Office Moves

Moving house is never fun and rarely do they go smoothly without a single hitch. Now, imagine trying to move office and having all those problems impacting your business. Office moves can be extremely disruptive, especially when dealing with complex setups.

An ideal office move would be where a busy professional can walk into their office the day after a move, recognise their familiar work environment, log onto their computer securely and start working. They shouldn’t suffer any downtime or disruption to their workflow.

Simultech IT makes that happen!

Why choose Simultech IT for your office move?

Skills and Expertise


Quick Response

Affordable Cost

With a proven track record of over 500 successful office moves, you know that Simultech IT will move your IT equipment, telecommunications and peripherals safely to wherever you are in the world. We avoid disruption to your business by arranging the move around your commitments, ensuring you have no downtime. We work to a bespoke checklist to ensure everything is taken care of and you will ensure a complete mirror-image setup at your new location.

Security is a huge deal for us – as leading industry professionals in IT support and security, we understand how important your data is. Simultech IT is fully GDPR-compliant and we handle you and your clients’ data with the utmost care and respect. In addition to data security, we ensure all your hardware is safe and free from damage during the move.

Considering we’re genuine IT professionals and we take all the hassle out of your office move, Simultech IT offers serious value for money. You won’t have to worry about a thing – just leave work at one location and come back the next day to a brand new location with everything set up exactly how you like it.


Extending your IT Team

Our office moves don’t just stop after you’re all set up. We throw in a few IT extras while we’re at it. We offer hardware and software upgrades as part of the move process. We have tailored solutions that will meet your needs and budget. These updates will be ready for you in your new location.

Post-move, we provide UAT (User Acceptance Test) testing and full aftercare. Our IT professionals will floor walk for you in the days after your move. Yes, we literally walk through your office floor and respond to any IT queries you may have!