IT Strategy

What is an IT Strategy?

An IT strategy (also known as a technology strategy) is a fully comprehensive strategy that determines how a company can meet its business and IT goals. A good IT strategy should cover all areas – hardware, software, cost management and risk management.

What sort of IT support do we provide?

  • Onsite and offsite/remote support
  • Temporary or long-term support solutions
  • Industry Standards Compliance and effective IT security from a team of leading professionals
  • Regular hardware and software checks
  • Monitor system event logs to proactively prevent issues
  • Maintain security throughout your IT infrastructure
  • Expert and extensive Microsoft 365 support from leading industry

Why should you choose Simultech IT?

T ake away the headache of IT.
E nsure your hardware and software are fit for your needs
C reating a strategy for the future
H elp and support when needed

Our Process

U nderstand your business
S ecure data and users
B est hard/software choices

How can we help?

H ealth check the current setup and indentify issues
E nsure you are getting maximum usage from software and hardware
L ook at security, users and other business risks
P roactively manage and provide ongoing support