During the last 7 months, we got to know multiple remote working benefits and the challenges that come with working from home. For many remote work employees, daily distractions such as children, pets, spouses, housemates and dodgy internet connections can all interrupt important conversations. Whether a dog is barking while someone is trying to speak or construction noise drowns out voices, background noises can be major distractions whilst working at home.

Microsoft Teams played a huge role in making remote work possible for all and continues to stay ahead of the game by developing new features. In the last 6 months, over 100 new functionalities were added, including together mode, meeting recaps, breakout rooms, shift scheduling, and large scale digital events up to 20,000 participants. Teams is thus enabling businesses stay seamlessly connected and in sync during these turbulent times.

The latest announced feature? Teams is now using Artificial Intelligence to help reduce background noise to enhance video and audio calling. The update, goes live this month, will be an asset to countless remote workers across the UK. Keep reading to learn more about how Teams will be using AI to achieve this sought-after feature.

How can you reduce background noise on Microsoft Teams?

As remote workers settle into a new routine and a new normal, they pick up a variety of new habits. For example, learning how to hit the mute button quickly when you know your dog is about to bark is a must-have skill when home working! However, it can be incredibly frustrating to concentrate on an important meeting or call when the background noise gets too loud.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel like very little is within their control. A second lockdown was announced as the UK sees a second wave of the coronavirus, and remote work is quickly becoming a permanent solution for many businesses. At a time when tension and emotions are running high, little annoyances can turn into major headaches.

Microsoft recently shared their roadmap, highlighting new updates to come in November. Businesses can expect to see Artificial Intelligence leveraged to reduce background noise and enhance the overall user experience for Microsoft Teams. Currently, Microsoft Teams utilises deep neural networks that are specially trained to analyse audio. The existing version of Microsoft Teams enables users to remove some background noise and reduce unwanted disruptions during calls. However, the new feature will allow for a “high” option for noise suppression.

Who can access the new Microsoft Teams update?

As part of the roadmap detailing new features and updates, Microsoft hinted at which devices will receive the new option for noise suppression. Apparently, devices powered by Windows 10, including desktops and laptops, will have access to the new update. The update is expected to rollout to these devices this month, but it is yet unclear if it will be widely available for other devices.

What other features can you expect from Microsoft Teams?

This is not the first update from Microsoft Teams that caters to remote workers. A slew of features and functionality has been added to the app in recent months, making the work-from-home experience easier and more productive. Microsoft Teams maintains an FAQ page dedicated to helping businesses support remote workers, and the content is regularly updated with new features and rollouts.

The Microsoft Teams blog provides tips and valuable information on making the most of your Microsoft Teams subscription.

The latest update from Microsoft Teams is sure to improve the remote work experience for all users. By leveraging the power of AI to reduce background noise, calls will be clearer and more efficient. Microsoft’s commitment to improve remote work conditions makes it clear why the app is the number one choice for remote working businesses.

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