Five benefits for outsourcing your office relocation.

Relocating to a new office can be a daunting prospect. Moving IT infrastructure, systems, hardware and telephony without risking security and productivity, all within a short window of time and while still fulfilling your day job can feel like an impossible task.

But office relocation needn’t be stressful.

IT office relocation specialists ensure a seamless and efficient process with minimum downtime and disruption to your people and your business. The benefits of outsourcing your office relocation are numerous, but here are our top five:

  1. Project management

Planning is the key to successful IT office relocation. Project managers are essential for putting that plan in place and keeping the relocation on track.

An experienced and dedicated project manager will ensure the office move runs to the timescale and checklist defined by the organisation. They will also be responsible for communicating updates, changes and details of the move so everyone involved is kept in the picture.

  1. Packing

The experience of taking a measured and methodical approach to packing individual workstations, meeting rooms, server rooms and communication hubs cannot be underestimated.

An efficient pack down and labelling system makes for a seamless set up in the new location, so when employees settle down at their new desk everything just works. No delay, no frustration, no loss of productivity.

And at Simultech, no office move is too complex nor too demanding. We’ll even remember on which side of the desk users prefer their mouse!

  1. Security

Relocating offices can be a headache inducing exercise so the last thing you need is the risk of data breach or loss adding to the tension. Using an IT company that specialises in office relocation means nothing is left to chance.

Since GDPR came into force, protecting data has been more important than ever before. At Simultech, we manage the risk, security and preventative actions to ensure buildings and your IT infrastructure are secure. Devices, networks and systems are protected during every stage of the office relocation – pack down, transit, set up – so you remain fully compliant with data protection laws throughout.

  1. Weekend and overnight moves

Weekend and overnight moves help minimise downtime and disruption. They also remove the need to recruit, pay overtime for or inconvenience members of staff; rather employees leave one office on Friday and arrive at their new office on Monday morning ready to hit the ground running.

  1. A fresh start

Office relocations provide the perfect opportunity to audit and reassess your current IT infrastructure and strategy.

It is a time to implement new systems for protecting the business, data and users from security threat, assess whether you have the most efficient and appropriate hardware and software in place for your requirements, and investigate ongoing support to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

Now is the time to make your IT work for you – and Simultech can help you do just that. So seize this opportunity to reassess your IT requirements and create a strategy for the future.

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