Client Testimonial

No Cloud Backup, No Space, Slow Performance – all Fixed in a Day!

Need: My laptop had been crashing with poor recovery results. I had used Norton to ensure off site storage, which didn’t work the first time I had to run a recovery.

I was also running out of space to save my documents, downloads, videos and images in Norton’s space. Also the individual who did my first recovery, lost my Windows 10 and I was back at Windows 8 – which was not as secure! I also wanted to make sure it was running to its optimum speed.

Sadly I also wanted this fixed in a day, as I needed my laptop back to finalise a report and prepare a presentation.

Simultech IT Solution: Prior to me handing my laptop over, Bharat remotely walked me through how to backup and store my files in my Microsoft OneDrive.

He then digitally and literally cleaned my laptop and installed Windows 10 – turning it around within 24 hours. Having done this he went through the changes with me and explained regular good practice to keep my laptop secure and safe in future.

Impression of IT Service delivered: Fantastic! He explained things in a simple way, and by getting me to undertake the initial back-up, he saved us both time and made sure I was used to the process. He also tidied up the look and feel with the items I needed regularly. He amazingly also saved my rotating screen saver. He made sure I felt comfortable with the changes.

Bharat delivered as promised – and more! He is a real professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to others.

Merielle Ghadi
Founder & Director
MRG Business Associates