Is there anything Microsoft Office 365 can’t do?!

Facilitating remote and home working, uniting satellite offices, enhancing communications, offering high-level security, cost and space saving data storage, and flexible packages to suit your business requirements. I wonder if it could collect my dry cleaning…?

Let’s take a closer look at the top five benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for SMEs:

Anywhere working

Flexible, at home and remote working has been embraced by many progressive organisations, and Microsoft Office 365 enables the mobile workforce to be more productive than ever before.

As a cloud-based solution, Office 365 provides access to email, Office apps and documents anywhere and from any device. In fact, employees can gain access from up to five devices – whether windows, Apple or android – all you need is an internet connection and to sign into your Office 365 account.

As well as remote workers, Office 365 also benefits organisations with remote or multiple offices as it offers single platform hosting services.


SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams apps facilitate effective collaboration and project working. Whether working remotely or home based, from a satellite office, with different internal teams or with external suppliers, SharePoint and One Drive enable all parties to access, share and work on a single document in real-time. This is invaluable for reducing the confusion caused by multiple versions of a file in circulation.

Microsoft Teams provides further collaboration benefits by keeping the lines of communication open. Syncing with your calendar, Office apps and telephone, Microsoft Teams provides a shared workspace for file sharing, audio and video conferencing, and group chats. Microsoft Teams can also be accessed on any device, from anywhere and is suitable for any size business.


With remote access to company data – especially on multiple and mobile devices that are easily misplaced – the risk of loss or breach is increased. And with GDPR in full force, it more important than ever that your business is compliant with data protection regulations.

Microsoft invest heavily in their security, passing these benefits onto their customers – so make the most of them. They are also audited for compliance with data protection regulations by an accredited third-party certification body for independent validation that security controls are in place and operating effectively.

Office 365’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature offers peace of mind for protecting business data on mobile devices. Managed centrally, if a device is lost or stolen, data can be erased using the wipe command.

Administrator controls also enable policies for how data is accessed remotely and/or on mobile devices. For example, a policy can be created to restrict copying of data into WhatsApp or social media platforms, or to prevent configuring emails on native apps or printing of documents.

Finally, with the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature, businesses are given greater control over the emails sent from their organisation. For example, an email classified with containing confidential information can be stopped if accidently sent to the wrong person.

Cost and space saving

Who doesn’t want to feel a few extra pennies in their pocket? Microsoft Office 365 offers savings for your business on electricity bills as with cloud-based solution you no longer need to run – nor find the space to accommodate – expansive communication and server rooms. Organisations are also no longer required to invest in multiple servers to host applications nor pay maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, remote working not only enhances employee productivity but also offers space, time and cost saving. File-sharing, project working and video conferencing with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams removes timely and expensive travel between sites for meetings, while redundant meeting rooms can be repurposed for desk-based employees.

The best package for you

Every business operates differently and therefore has different requirements. Microsoft Office 365 offers mix and match price plans to suit your needs, objectives and employees, and thereby ensures you only pay for what you use. While some organisations will require their staff to have the full Office suite on multiple devices, others will simply need Outlook.

The best thing about Office 365 is that you are always kept up to date – new releases of apps are readily downloadable as part of your subscription rather than paid for – plus it is scalable to suit the growth of your business.

Interested in finding out more about how Microsoft Office 365 can work for your organisation? Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll help assess your business needs and find the best solutions for you.

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