You’ve found your new dream office. Exciting times ahead! You’ve hired an IT office relocation specialist to handle the move. Excellent idea!

But now what? Has anxiety begun to set in about not feeling fully in control of the process?

Well, we can reassure you there is certainly no time to be had for thumb twiddling. You and your employees play a vital role in supporting your IT office relocation partner and helping the process to be as seamless and stress-free as possible.

This handy checklist shows you how – and thankfully you can tick the first one off the list straightaway:

1. Hire an IT office relocation specialist

As well as experience and expertise to get the job done efficiently, from start to finish, a third-party IT office relocation provider gives peace of mind in reducing disruption to business and downtime, and eliminating risk to security and loss of data.

2. Set a deadline

Determine a timeframe for your office move – six, three, one (eek!) months’ time? Whichever timeframe you’re working to, identify key dates and deadlines. Working to a plan of action not only keeps the move on track, but also helps provide a sense of progress.

Also determine a timeframe for the actual move itself – weekend or overnight move?

3a. Brief the team

In addition to your dedicated project manager provided by your office relocation company, identify an employee in your organisation or one per department who will be a primary point of contact for the move.

This contact will be responsible for communicating the timeframe and plan of action for the office move to employees, but also for receiving information from the project manager and disseminating information to relevant parties.

3b. …don’t forget about the wider organisation

Just like with a new home, moving office can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Disruption to an employee’s environment and a change in routine can be unsettling and evoke feelings of anxiety.

So involve them to get them onboard! As well as keeping your people up-to-date with the progress of the relocation, ask if they would they like to be involved on the day. Explain what is expected of them when they shut down their computer at one office and what they can expect when they arrive at their new office. Effective communication so employees are well-informed is key.

Where IT office relocation specialists, like us at Simultech IT, really come into their own is that there is no need for employees to worry about dismantling workstations themselves. No labelling or colour coding of equipment, no mapping of complicated networks of wires and connections, we will do this for you. We even take special instructions from employees about their workstation to ensure it is exactly how they want and expect it to be when they arrive at their new office.

3c. …and external stakeholders

This one is vital, and yet so often forgotten. Your suppliers and clients need to be notified of your new office address and phone number. Your website, Google listing, social media channels, business cards, office stationery and any other promotional material also need to be updated.

Another often forgotten party is your new neighbours. It makes good business sense to keep them onside, so notify surrounding businesses of any disruption or obstructions to parking/entrances that may occur during the day of the move.

4. Audit, recycle and order equipment

A new office heralds a new beginning. Out with the old, in with the new – and that goes for your office equipment, hardware and IT infrastructure.

Start by making an inventory of all the equipment you have. Determine what will be taken with you, what equipment you need immediate access to after the move (the priority items), what new equipment needs to be purchased, and what is no longer needed.

Next assess your infrastructure and processes. Is your IT fulfilling your current business requirements? Is it scalable for future growth? Do you want to offer more opportunities for remote working? What about onsite security? Now is the time to review your IT infrastructure and plan for the future.

5. Back up, back up, back up

This is something everyone can be responsible for; ensuring all work and data is fully backed up to prevent loss of information in transit. Provide detailed information about how to do this for those who feel less confident, but your IT office relocation provider should also be able to assist with this.

Planning an office relocation? At Simultech IT, we offer a complete office move service – from auditing, planning and project management, through to equipment, furniture, IT infrastructure solutions, the move itself and full testing of your new set-up.

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