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How can Non-Profits do cyber-security the right way
January 7, 2021

Non-profit businesses hold a wealth of funds and valuable data that make them an enticing target for hackers. Though modern security…

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How IT has evolved during 2020
December 12, 2020

Despite its significant challenges, 2020 has been a monumental year for IT and technology in businesses across many industries. Out of…

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Where in the house do you work from home?
April 23, 2020

Have you selected the study? Do you like the living room? Maybe you’re keen on the kitchen? With week 4 of…

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Make home working work for you with Microsoft Teams
April 16, 2020

Working from home has been a new experience for businesses across the globe over the last month. And, amid the coronavirus…

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What Makes A Reliable Cloud Service?
August 28, 2018

As the digital world becomes more and more saturated with information, it’s not difficult to understand why data security is the…

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Office Relocation? 5 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving Office
July 2, 2018

So, your office is on the move. Good news! I’d like to think that your business is growing and you need…

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Is your IT environment GDPR compliant?
June 12, 2018

By now I think you’ve probably heard about GDPR… (yeeeks, joke… lol). If you, like me and every living person on…

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