Client Profile

Brainstorm Strategic Marketing is a full service marketing agency providing comprehensive and strategic marketing solutions to clients and brands within the UK and internationally and with 20 years trading behind them.

Their services focus primarily on effective internet and digital marketing which includes PPC Advertising, Social Media Management and Website Design. Brainstorm however does not stop there and provides comprehensive campaigns and events management when necessary.

Client Testimonial

We live in a throw away culture. Nobody fixes things anymore. Pens for example; thrown away when empty instead of just replacing the “ink tube thingy.”

And computers. They get to 5 years and they go slower and slower until you discard and buy a new one. Waste of money and resources.

When my bookkeeper’s computer was too old and too slow, I asked Bharat of Simultech IT about the best computer to buy to replace it. Bharat asked for the computer’s serial number, did some research, and came back with a proposal that we simply replace and upgrade the hard drive from HDD to SSD.

The 7 year old computer now starts up in 25 seconds, compared to 3-5 minutes and I have saved £400 (or about £1000 if you consider that I was thinking of buying her a Mac!). Bharat also replaced the keyboard, making the computer look brand new.

And my bookkeeper is double appreciative because Bharat was able to simply mirror the old drive to the new drive, something very important to her – she simply carried on where she left off when the upgraded computer arrived.

Thank you Bharat, I really appreciate this service to my company.

From Old To New

Simultech IT provides comprehensive IT asset refurbishment, hardware and software maintenance and upgrading. Old and seemingly outdated assets can be improved to operate at new industry standards or company requirements without the full cost of purchasing a new machine – this is two fold, offering a more affordable solution for company wide upgrades while tailoring solutions to the specific needs of your business.

In an ever changing market and growing technological innovations, an IT company that offers solutions that suite the requirements of a their clients, big or small, on an ongoing basis is exactly the competitive advantage needed in this day and age.