Simultech IT

Simultech IT is not your average IT support company. We don’t just tell you to turn your computer on and off again or ask if it’s plugged in! We provide IT strategy. Most of you reading this won’t know what an IT Strategy is! That’s because most companies adopt a reactive approach to IT and step in only when there is a problem to fix. We are proud on being different!

Simultech IT was founded in January 2015 by myself, Bharat Gorsia and my wife Manju Gorsia. We provide innovative, flexible and customisable IT support to SMs and we specialise in offering IT services that not only mould around your business structures and procedures, but also enable better and new business systems.

At Simultech IT we approach IT in a completely different way. Traditional reactive IT Support is mostly for when things go wrong, but of course you rather things didn’t go wrong in the first place! How to avoid that? By having an IT Strategy in place.

At Simultech IT, we take a proactive approach to IT, we don’t only offer support but we create a bespoke IT strategy for your business.

Over the last few years, Simultech IT has grown to an effective and efficient team of industry professionals, with trustworthy and industry-leading service contractors that we operate with as required.

We believe in looking after people first, then computers! So, you will not be bombarded with jargon or overwhelmed – we pride ourselves on being the human side of IT. We focus on building real, reliable relationships with all of our clients and system users, not just top-level management. This allows us to build IT structures which flow both internally, through functional divisions and business hierarchies, and externally to relevant third-party entities.

Our work is our passion and we operate on a value driven incentive system. Our belief is in creating a real, tangible return on investment and implementing scalable, dynamic solutions for any type of business.

Bharat Gorsia
Managing Director


  • Business-wide implementation of Microsoft Office 365, using Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and other apps to drive collaboration and deliver significant performance improvement for document management.
  • Detailed audit and major improvement of an existing unsatisfactory IT support service for over 300 global users.
  • Regular office moves for various types of multiple-desk IT set-ups with minimal disruption.