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Proactive IT support to improve your setup


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IT Support & Strategy

We provide professional, humanised IT support and system maintenance. Our team of leading professionals will provide forward thinking strategy & support tailored to your business needs.

We Provide:

Remote and on-site support and strategy
Hardware maintenance and upgrades
Real-time monitoring
IT security assessments and advice
Remote security monitoring and management
PC and Mac Support
Mobile Device Management
Audit and Inventory Management
Dedicated Onsite Engineers


Office Moves

With a Track record of over 500 successful office moves, we offer smooth, uninterrupted and stress-free office moves for small and large companies. Whatever your size, we work with you to minimise any disruption to your business whilst carrying out the move.

We Provide:

Track record of over 500 office moves
Design Management
Desk Management system
Floor Plans CAD Drawings
Unique detailed checklist system
Desks, Hardware
QR Codes, Labels & Packaging
Full testing and aftercare services

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  • “We are very happy with the service that Simultech IT has provided us.

    Simultech IT provided outstanding support through the Office 365 & desktop refresh projects which made a significant difference to our business. We have seen an increase in productivity from our staff. Their team are efficient, professional, reliable, and they solved all our IT problems.”

    Ronald Hughes | Mandarin Consulting
    Managing Director
  • “We engaged Simultech IT to manage all our IT needs.

    They upgraded our servers and migrated our emails to Office 365; all done with minimal downtime. Simultech IT also dealt with 3rd party suppliers within the Netherlands to make sure all of our IT services were migrated over in time.

    Simultech IT’s staff were friendly and highly experienced in a wide range of technologies and were our first point of contact for all IT related issues our internal staff faced during the transition.

    I highly recommend their services”

    Sander Elting | Wallich and Matthes
  • “When my bookkeeper’s computer was too old and too slow, I asked Bharat about the best computer to buy to replace it. Bharat asked for the computer’s serial number, did some research, and came back with a proposal that we simply replace and upgrade some components.

    The 7 year old computer now starts up in 25 seconds, compared to 3-5 minutes and I have saved £400. Bharat also replaced the keyboard, making the computer look brand new. My bookkeeper was delighted because Bharat was able to simply mirror the old drive to the new drive – she simply carried on where she left off.

    Thank you Bharat, I really appreciate this service to my company.”

    William Gets | Brainstorm Strategic Marketing
    Managing Director
  • “I needed to move my business data into the cloud, my email away from Thunderbird to a better system and sort out new laptops for my staff.

    Bharat of Simultech IT migrated all our company emails and data to the Microsoft Office 365 on the cloud and advised us on laptop specifics to match to job role requirements.

    Bharat and Simultech provided a very good service; very personable, responsive and the training on how to use everything and after service support was spot on. Thank you Bharat!”

    Richard Mahoney | Clarus Knight
    Managing Director
  • “My laptop had been slow and crashing with poor recovery results. I was running out of space to save my files and the individual who did my first recovery, lost my Windows 10 and I was back at Windows 8 – which was not as secure!

    Prior to me handing my laptop over, Bharat walked me through how to backup my files,  then digitally and literally cleaned my laptop and installed Windows 10 –  turning it around within 24 hours!

    Fantastic! He explained things in a simple way and tidied up the look and feel with the items I needed regularly. Bharat delivered as promised – and more! He is a real professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to others.”

    Merielle Ghali | MRG Business Associates
    Managing Director

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